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School Performnace Fees


$250 for one performance (40-45 minutes)

  • Audience size should not exceed 100-120 students per show to maintain intimancy of Ben's appearance.
  • Larger audiences may be accomodated with previous discussion.

$400 for two performances*

$575 for three performances

*multiple performances must be back to back with no more than 20 minutes and not less than 10 minutes between performances.  Three-performance days do not have fit that schedule as it usually means wating for a lunch break.

Any performance that requires more than 25 miles travel round trip from downtown Hannibal may require a fuel premium.


  • Any performance out of the Hannibal metropolitan area and more than a 25 mile round trip will require mileage and, possible per diem.
  •  Lodging is required for schedules that require early morning performances in out of town locations.


  • Add $50 to each performance rate above and expect airfare, lodging, ground transportation and per diem expenses.


Special scripting or subject content can be arranged for additional fees and considerations.  Conventions often like Ben to include motivational content that specifically reflects their company's culture.  Call to discuss these projects and associated fees.

  "A Conversation with Ben" is best suited for grades 3-5, though he is happy to adjust his existing program to focus on a particular age range or a subject you are currently studying. He has performed for children as young a 5 and adults as old as 95.  He has been a keynote speaker at conventions and introduced petitions in state legislatures.  With more than 3 hours of material and 18 years of performance experience you can be assured Ben can bring light to any event, where his wit and your imagination meet.

 Ben's school performances include information about his childhood, his first days in Philadelphia, his rise to prominence through diligence and hard work and his political exploits.  He makes it a point to discuss the importance of reading and working to get a good education and calls for educators to raise generations of critical thinkers, not just children who can pass tests.  He delights children with his knowledge of modern inventions and new words like awesome, rad and the new use of the word bad.  He even knows how to break-dance a bit. He has lots to say about television and how it appears to make our imaginations lazy and reminds children that they are the new creative thinkers, problem solvers and inventors.

Ben's performance will address a variety of your state standards in history, science, writing and language arts...not to mention the arts a fun and inventive way.

This is a creative way of introducing or concluding a unit of study on American history, American heroes, inventions or science.  His life impacted so many areas of study, just use your own imagination about how to invite him as a guest to your classroom or event.

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